Live Traditional Irish Music and Dancing Show

Live Traditional Irish Music and Dancing Show :

Irish Show Dublin

Live Traditional Irish Music and Dancing Every Sunday -Wednesday 7 – 9pm

We would like to welcome all visitors to The Church to experience our authentic Irish Music & Dance show. Free Admission

We have live musicians playing a popular selection of Irish music along with fantastic Irish dancers who will leave you in awe with their fantastic footwork and skills.

You can enjoy our Live Traditional Irish Music and Dance Show Sunday – Wednesday, Free Admission. Just come along and immerse yourself in Irish Traditions and Culture.

Sunday – Wednesday From 7pm-9pm in The Main Bar

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Brief History/Background

Ireland has a rich history of culture and entertainment especially when it comes to Irish Music and Dance. Irish Music can be traced back almost two thousand years ago to when the Celts first came to Ireland. Throughout Irish history attempts at colonization affected Irish culture especially with some English laws which meant any participation in traditional or cultural activities was forbidden. However today traditional Irish Music and Dancing is very much alive and is recognised worldwide. The world-wide success of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance along with many famous Irish musicians have assisted hugely in  placing Irish music and dance on the international stage.

Irish Dancers at the Church on St Patricks Day

Irish Dancers at the Church on St Patricks Day

Many people think of step dancing, such as the popular Riverdance, when they think of Irish dancing. However, this type of dancing includes many dances and variations of these dances that can be enjoyed and mastered beginning at a very young age. Today the range of dances performed include Jigs, reels, hornpipes, sets, polkas and step dancing. There are dancing championships in all four provinces, and winners of these provincial competitions qualify for the All Ireland Championships.

The typical costumes worn by Irish dancers today commemorate the clothing of the past. Dresses are based on typical clothing of an Irish peasant dress, two hundred years ago. Most of the dresses are adorned with hand-embroidered Celtic designs with replicas of the Tara brooch often worn on the shoulder to hold a cape. The clothing worn by men is less embellished but rich in history.

Interesting Fact: During the 18th century there was a dance master who used to teach Irish dancing to peasants. Young pupils didn’t know their left from their right foot. And so the dance master used to tie hay to one foot and straw to the other and instruct them ‘lift hay foot’ ‘lift straw foot’

Experience Irish Traditions and Culture for yourself with a great night full of ‘Craic agus Ceol

You can enjoy the Irish show from The Main Bar   with no reservations required just come in and have fun!


You can enjoy it from The Gallery Restaurant our premium dining area. Bookings are recommended.

To book contact or phone 018280102