The Church | Renatus Harris | Master Organ Maker

Perhaps the most engaging and aesthetically pleasing aspect of the Church Restaurant and Bar is the massive organ that resides front and center on the second story of the building and rises straight up for over another 6 meters. Constructed by Renatus Harris (an English master organ builder), the organ is not currently operational but continues to serve as a humble reminder of how the origins of the Church building were centered around music and its relation to God and worship. The organ located in the Church fell into disrepair in the 18th century, but some parts were used to repair other organs in the area, which puts the current renovation costs to make the piece operational at around 200,000 euro.

Harris was born in 1652 and grew up in France as the son and grandson of skillful organ makers. When he grew up and learned the trade himself, Harris was instructed to build a new organ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1695. Within 2 years, he finished the project, and with only a week break, he started the construction of another brand new organ in May 1697, this time for Christ Church Cathedral. It was a lucky break that Ireland received the talents of Harris, as his father had to leave England because of the Puritan presence in the church and their banning of organ music. Before he died, Harris had completed 39 different organs. To view the full list of all his organ creations around Dublin, feel free to visit the Dublin Music Trade.

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Did you know? | Arthur Guinness & Olivia Whitmore

Did you know? Arthur Guinness & Olivia Whitmore Arthur Guinness was Born on the 28th of September 1725 to Richard and Elizabeth Guinness. His Father Richard worked as an agent for the cleric Dr. Arthur Price, A Church of Ireland Archbishop. Dr. Price died in 1752 bequeathing £100 each to Richard and the then 27-year-old Arthur…

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