Holding a wine glass - Are you doing it wrong?

Holding a wine glass - Are you doing it wrong?


How do you hold your wine glass? We’ve seen them being held in every way possible, by the rim, by the body, by the stem and drank from the bottle- to settle a discussion we set about researching the correct way to hold a wine glass according to expert sommeliers *   We have found that almost lots of us are indeed holding our wine glasses all “wrong”…

( Source: https://winefolly.com/tutorial/hold-wine-glass-civilized/)

Of course you can hold your wine glass anyway you like, the last thing anyone should be worried about it how to hold your glass, but if you’re at a formal affair and you want to make a good impression, why not showcase your  new found knowledge!

We consulted a number of sources, including the Gods of  Good Manners & Etiquette Debretts, who conclude that it ” should be held by the stem to avoid warming the wine” the correct way to hold your glass is with your hand around the stem. You can use your index finger against the glass’s body if you need, but make sure your palm is not coming into contact with the bit containing your wine. Furthermore it keeps your glass clear of greasy fingerprints!

A wine glass should be only one third full. It is better to underfill, rather than overfill, a glass. Red wine should be served at the ‘old-fashioned’ pre-central heating room temperature of 17–18°C in a larger glass with a bigger bowl, to release the bouquet and let it chambré .

White wines should be served chilled  in a smaller, narrower glass that should be held by the stem to avoid warming the wine.

how to hold a wine glass

Image Courtesty of Wine Folly

So there you have it, if you fancy impressing your guests, you now know the correct way to hold a wine glass!!


How to Drink Wine
Take small sips and avoid making noises or ‘wine tasting’ gestures such as ostentatious sniffs or swirls. It is best to confine any remarks to general appreciation unless specifically asked.

Opinions are best left to acknowledged experts and, even then, err on the side of politeness over honesty.