jonathon swift

National Poetry Day Ireland

Thursday May 2nd Mark’s National Poetry Day in Ireland

There’s a great selection of events on run by Poetry Ireland, The theme for this years event is: Truth or Dare. Whether you share a poem, read a poem, or programme your own event, everyone is invited to join in and celebrate. Find Out More from their website HERE

On this day, we’d like to pay an ode to  Jonathan Swift – Author of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral who frequently attended services here at The Church in the Early 1700’s

A Riddle
Jonathan Swift
I’m wealthy and poor,
I’m empty and full,
I’m humble and proud,
I’m witty and dull.
I’m foul and yet fair:
I’m old, and yet young;
I lie with Moll Kerr,
And toast Mrs. Long.
What do you think it means?
jonathon swift