Our Sustainability Plan

**Mission Statement:** 

Our mission at the Church Cafe Bar in Dublin is to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible business that not only is a leader in hospitality but also contributes positively to the planet. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, promoting eco-friendly practices, and inspiring our community to embrace a greener lifestyle. 



**5-Year Sustainability Plan:** 


**Year 1 (2023-2024):** 

– Conduct a comprehensive energy audit to identify areas for improvement. 

> Establish A green Team of staff across departments. 

> Quick wins- Obvious waste we can see on daily basis

– Implement energy-efficient appliances and lighting Throughout. 

> All equipment being changed, ensure energy efficient equipment goes in as replacement. 

> Audit lighting in all buildings, move to All led and sensors in unused areas.  

– Introduce a waste reduction program, including composting and recycling initiatives. 

> Beverage waste – Establish where waste is coming from and work on reducing. Cut 20% first year. 

> Packaging – how all waste is disposed of, move away from single serve cans , small plastic containers, source recycled cardboard. 

> Waste disposal needs to be better and separated more efficiently . 

> Food waste – Establish how much food waste we have – in kitchen , from customers. Next step is to then work on how we can reduce this .  

– Collaborate with local suppliers to source sustainable and locally-produced ingredients. 

– Reduce our use of all single use items by 20% and plastic disposables by 100% . 

– Achieve Green Restaurant Certification or a similar sustainability certification from FAilte Ireland and Sustainable travel Ireland. 

– Establish how our staff travel to work and the carbon footprint of this . Then work on encouraging more use of public transport , cycling, walking .  





**Year 2 (2024-2025):** 

– Install solar panels to generate renewable energy.   

– Educate staff and customers about sustainable practices and the importance of reducing single-use plastics. 


**Year 3 (2025-2026):** 

– Implement water-saving measures, such as installing water-efficient appliances and promoting water conservation. 

– Expand the cafe’s involvement in local community sustainability events. 


**Year 4 (2026-2027):** 

– Explore alternative transportation options for deliveries to reduce carbon emissions. 

– Engage in tree-planting initiatives to offset carbon emissions. 


**Year 5 (2027-2028):** 

– Finalize the transition to 100% renewable energy sources. 

– Achieve carbon neutrality for the Church Cafe Bar. 

– Celebrate milestones with the community and showcase the journey towards sustainability. 

– Establish an ongoing sustainability committee to ensure continued improvement and innovation. 


By diligently following this 5-year sustainability plan, we aspire to make the Church Cafe Bar a leader in environmental responsibility, setting an example for other businesses in Dublin and beyond. Together, let’s create a greener and more sustainable future for our community.