The Church | All Hallows Eve | Ireland Curious Halloween Past

Every year on the 31st of October, people all around the world dress up to trick-or-treat, go to parties and celebrate Halloween.  Except, most people don’t stop for a second and think, “Hey, why am I dressed up like a monkey right now and more importantly, why am I getting free candy?”  But if you are curious, then get ready to learn about the old tale of how Halloween began!

As we dig deep into Ireland’s history, around 2,000 years ago there was an ancient Celtic Festival called Samhain.  The Old Irish word, Samhain, means “end of summer”. During this interesting tradition, the Celts celebrated the change of season from summer to winter and believed that spirits would be able to cross from the spirit world to our world on this very night.
The Celts back then used to dress up as well.  They would use animal skins to disguise themselves as well as carve faces into turnips to scare off evil spirits and light fires to guide the good spirits.  Their reasoning for dressing up is a little different than todays ideals. The 1st of November was recognized as All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), and recognized saints and martyrs.  This made the 31st of October All Hallows Eve, which later became recognized as Halloween.

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