The Church | How to Make an Irish Coffee

How to Make an Irish Coffee
One of the most famous traditional drinks of Ireland! An Irish Coffee is perfect to get your day started, as a desert, or really at any time.  The coffee is simple, yet unique and anyone can learn to master the creation of Irish Coffee. Here, at The Church we have experienced barista’s who specialize in making a types of coffee, cappuccino, latte and more!  After going through a step by step process in creating an Irish Coffee with our baristas, I have been able to create a step by step tutorial to show the public. So let’s break down the steps of how to make your very own Irish Coffee:
1. Preheat a glass mug
2. A splash of sugar syrup
3. 1 shot whiskey
4. 1 shot espresso then fill with water until ¾ full
5. A spoonful of heavy cream, lightly whipped
6. Sprinkle a few coffee beans on top
Congratulations! You have your very own Irish Coffee. Enjoy!