The Church | New Years Eve & Auld Lang Syne

The Church during New Years is exactly where you want to be.  It’s a known thing that ‘Dubliners throw the best parties. So what would be better than spending the new year in a re-renovated church that shares the history of Dublin that dates back to 1876?  Not many places, actually, because we are rated one of the Top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve.  Choose from one of our many New Years Eve dinner options and start the New Year the way you deserve!     The song, Auld Lang Syne, is part of the Hogmanay celebrations in the Scottish tradition of New Year’s Eve.  On the 31st of December, when the clock strikes midnight, friends and family will hold hands with their arms crossed and sing out loud together.  Robert Burns is the first known person to ever record the song, though he did no compose it. It’s said to be an ancient song that an old man had sang to him before singing it himself. The term “Auld Lang Syne” can be translated to “for old times sake” and is about preserving old relationships and taking a moment to reflect on the year.  When singing the song, there is a technique to performing the song: Everyone stands in a circle holding hands, then at the beginning of the final verse, “And there’s a hand in my trusty friend”, they cross their arms across their bodies so that their left hand is holding the hand of the person on their right and their right-hand holds that if the person on their left.   When the song ends, everyone rushes to the middle, still holding hands.  Then after forming a circle again, everyone turns under the joined arms, so they end up facing outwards while still holding hands.