The Church | Top Tips: Planning your Office Christmas Party

25 Days of Christmas for a lot of people could mean 25 Days of Stressed Out!  Especially if you got stuck with the job of organizing your office Christmas Party.  Which is why we are here to take a little bit of the edge off and help you plan and organize your office party.

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Here are some basic steps to take when planning your party:


Step 1, is to know your budget.  If you started to plan big and realized you are out of money before you got to the alcohol, turn back immediately.  Here’s a few Business Insider tips to help manage your office budget.

Step 2, set the date.  Give people plenty of time in advance to prepare.  December gets to be a busy month when it comes to shopping for gifts, children plays, dinners, traveling, and that barely scratches the surface.  Depending on where you work, you might want to set the party for the weekend. If you are working a traditional Monday through Friday job, then waking up in the morning for a full day of work can be exhausting or might even encourage guests to leave early.  

Step 3, finding a venue. Note: Real world office Christmas parties are nothing like the movie “Office Christmas Party.”  Therefore, I would highly recommend finding a venue outside of your usual workplace.  Take people out of their normal working environment and let them realize that this is not work and you want them to have a good time and relax.  Remember, the venue can really set the tone and make or break a party.

Step 4, Food.  Everyone loves food, this is good because it’s hard to mess this one up.  Hire a caterer or a restaurant menu, it will take the stress off of you being responsible for everyone’s food.  Food trucks are also a fun route to take given the appropriate venue.

Step 5, Drinks.  Just like food, everyone loves drinks.  This is important because during an office party is gives the opportunity for your co-workers to really loosen up and get to know one another.  What can give a better push than alcohol? Certain venues might already have this taken care of. However, incase the venue does not have this taken care of, make sure you have enough alcohol to last until the prepared end time.

Step 6, plan a contest.  Preferably not secret santa because it involves everyone purchasing a gift they might not want to or even have time to do.  Try something different like a video game tournament, lip sync contest, or something else where the winner will receive a special prize.