Tower Bar

The Tower Bar

Celebrating Something?

Throw An Unforgettable Party.

The  Tower Bar is a perfect private function room for groups of 60-110.

Perfect for Birthdays, Engagements, Private Work Nights, Retirements & More…

The Tower Bar boasts its own private entrance, where guests can take the spiral stairs down to their own private haven for the evening. It’s an ideal venue for every special event, from birthdays to retirements, engagements to launches,  business meetings to work events, being fully self-sufficient, with a private bar, private entrance, and private toilet facilities, and is partially wheelchair accessible right in the heart of Dublin’s city center.




Looking for something a little less private?

We can reserve an area in Our Main Bar or Cellar Bar for you click here for more details:

Parties and Reserved areas at the Church

Please note that as we are an adult centric venue, children are not permitted on the premises past 10pm. We do not host Christenings, Communions, Confirmations.