Dublin Fringe Festival 2019: Challenge Your Taste Buds

Dublin Fringe Festival 2019: Challenge Your Taste Buds

While Fringe Festival’s artists challenge their art practice, why not challenge your taste buds with our delectable cocktails? Every September for 16 days and nights artists from all over the world. They show off their own personal talent and style. Just like the artists take great care in cultivating their masterpieces, so do our bartenders. In other words, they take great care in delivering you a beautiful and delicious drink like no other. Why not come take a seat at The Church and try one of our delicious cocktails? After that, even grab a bite to eat!  Take in all of the magnificent works of art and spectacular performances that the Fringe Festival has to offer. This year’s Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 will be held from September 7th to September 22nd.


5 Events To Remember From The 2018 Fringe Festival:


Fable Human Collective- Young Radicals

Venue: Project Arts Centre Space Upstairs

Duration: 50 mins


Kiss Kiss Slap Slap- Chaos Factory

Venue: Smock Alley Theatre Black Box

Duration: 60 mins


Summertime- Slip&Sync

Venue: 2 Curved Street, Temple Bar

Duration: 15 mins


Black Jam: Cure- Fried Plantains Collective

Venue: The Complex


DON’T Kiss Me. I’m Irish. We’re Probably Related- Abie Philbin Bowman

Venue: The Workman’s Club The Vintage Room

Duration: 50 mins