The Church | Bram Stoker Festival & March of the Macnas

Bram Stoker Festival is an amazing 4 day festival and is set for the 26th to the 29th of October of 2019.  The festival brings the tales of Dublin horror novelist, Bram Stoker has told, and brings them to life. Before you get too freaked out, it’s not THAT scary and it’s a lot of fun!  Kids are welcome to come as well and is fun for the family. There are multiple events in both the day and night and all are encouraged to come!

Of course, every festival must have a main event.  This is where Macnas comes in.  Macnas is an exceptional theatre, spectacle and professional performance company.  Saved for the finale of the Bram Stoker Festival, Macnas Parade starts at 6:00pm on Moore and goes through North Dublin City.  The spectacular performance passes right by The Church.

The city will be transfixed as the transcendental, the macabre, the profane and the magical is unleashed. A night time ballad populated with strange visions and ancient magic – the last waltz of light with shadow. Echoes and flickers of light appear and disappear.”